Guido Appendino "The Painter of fairy-tales" was born in Chieri in 1937.

His personal shows date back to 1973, in Turin, Milan and Bologna.

For many years his favourite subjects were ancient mediaeval towns, full of colour and inhabited by magnificent fantastic animals.

Today ancient monuments in towns are still very much at the heart of his paintings, transformed into imaginative, invented compositions.

As well as a painter, he is also a goldsmith, creating jewels in gold using the cire perdue casting tecnique.

He has also produced numerous large indoor and outdoor murals using acrylic paints, decorating scraves, evening bags, silk shirts and cushions, trays, telephone books, etc with the same subjects.


Personal shows:

*Accademy Gallery - Turin, 1972
*Accademy Gallery - Courmayeur, 1973
*"Il Compasso's Gallery" - Milan, 1974
*Accademy Gallery - Turin, 1975
*Sala S. Filiffo - Chieri, 1996 - sponsored by city hall for "Chieri Aperta".
*Hotel De Paris - Monte Carlo, 1997 - sponsored by the Principality of Monaco for the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi family, presented by Lucien Guillard and the Italian Consul General Giorgio Maria Baroncelli.
*Sala Fraiteve - Sestriere, 1997 - sponsored by the Sestriere Town Council for the Alpin Skiing World Championships, presented by Gian Giorgio Massara, the Mayor and Cultural Councillor.
*Piemonte Aristico e Culturale - Turin, 1998 - sponsored by The Piedmont Regional Government, presented by Angelo Mistrangelo and the President of the Regional Government, Enzo Ghigo; title "A spasso per Torino".
*Fogola "Galleria Dantesca" - Turin, 1998 - presented by Nico Orengo; title "Quadri da favola".
"Palazzo delle Prigioni" San Marco - Venice, 1998 - presented by Paolo Levi; title "Quattro passi per Venezia".
*Subalpine Parlament Room - Palazzo Carignano - Turin, 1999 - for X congress about "Dialisi Peritoneale"
*Riding track "La Varletta" - Villanova d' Asti, 1999 - for International Competition "I cavalli che danzano"
*Villa Grazia - Pino Torinase, 1999 - sponsored by city hall of  Pino Torinese.
*Pralormo's Castle - Pralormo, 1999 - " parte". from 25 september to 3 october.

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